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At that time I was 23 years old. I sat at the end of a technical college in the city of Bandung. My face was handsome. My body tall and straight, maybe because I was always exercising three times a week. ¬ my friend said if I would drive a lot of girls who stick with me sukahati. I myself had a boyfriend. We are seriously dating. Both of my parents and the parents had agreed we would marry. My lodging and boarding houses where it is only a distance of about 700 m. I myself have held down his boarding house room key. However it does not mean I'm dating him indefinitely. In the case of courtship, we had a kiss kiss each other, gumul-gumulan, and squeeze-squeeze. But all that we do with still dressed. After all, even if only once, when "my voltase' already very high, I can 'throw' as well. He is a man who keep her virginity until marriage, so she did not want to have sex before marriage. I appreciate these principles. Because I've never went out before, so until then I have never felt memek women.

My boyfriend was a younger son. Except kolokan, he was also a coward, so until the company asked for 10 nights. Afternoon shower, I went to his boarding house. Until she went to bed. I'm studying or writing duties end and he's learning or doing college assignments in the living room. His boardinghouse room itself large enough, ie 3mX6m. Rooms for the Triplex was partitioned into the living room and 3mX2.5m sized bedroom with 3mX3.5m size. Holes in the door between the room was only covered with a cloth curtain.

boarding his mother had four children, all girls. All the sweet things, as most women Sundanese. The first child was married, the second child sitting in 3rd grade high school, the third child of class in high school, and the youngest was in junior high. According to the rumors that reached my ears, menikahnya first child is due to pregnancy first. Then the second child had already had achievements. Ika nickname. He reportedly had been pregnant with pacarya, but aborted. According to my assessment, Ika a Playgirl. Although already has a girlfriend, his girlfriend at a polytechnic college, but he likes mejeng and tease other men who look very smart. When I came to kos boyfriend, he likes mejeng and being flirtatious in to say hello.

Sundanese mojang LKA is a very fantastic. Age will be 18 years old. Height 160 cm. Olive-colored skin and looks smooth. Body supple and contain. Slim waist. Dense breasts and a big swollen. Big hips, but also widened with beautifully bloated with montoknya ass. For girls that age, maybe breasts and hips that have been formed so beautiful because ridden and struggled used by her boyfriend. Thighs and calves well and smoothly. Neck level. Good eye. His nose was small and slightly sharp. Her lips have a line of sexy and sensual, so if you wear lipstick does not need to create a new line, just follow the boundaries of existing lip. Thick hair bob cut beautifully.

That afternoon I went to shower as usual kos boyfriend. On the front porch was Ika was chatting with two of his brother. Ika wore the 'you can see' and a short skirt and tight so the arm, thigh and calf are shown with smooth clarity.

"Mas Bob, ngapel to Mbak Dina? Wow ... was not there tuh. Had gone with two friends. He said would make the task, "said Ika with centilnya.

"Uh ... really?" I retorted.

"Yes ... Yes, ngapelin Ika alone Mas Bob," Ika said with a teasing smile. Crazy! Sundanese girl this one really tempting desires. If you want to take beneran I do not deny ya, he-he-he ...

"Ah, yah kinds Ika just ...," my response self-care authority. "Kak Dai has not come?"

Ika boyfriend named Daniel, but called Kak Ika Dai. Dai is probably close calls, or call the Daniel's childhood. Daniel came and Bogor. He ngapeli children still in high school just like taking medicine. And return to college until the evening. More intense and I, and during the time he spent ngapel to chat. Or if after the evening time, he entered the room Ika. When did he have a chance to learn?

"Well ... two months I became singgel again. Kak Dai longer working practices in Riau. So find a friend for accompanying Bob Mas dong Ika, Ika let me not be lonely ... But the cool stuff you know, "Ika said in a voice that is very spoiled. Edan the Sunda Playgirl mi. He's not the type to say that not just a joke, but the type of person who likes nyerempet-hat nyerempet dangerous.

"Neng Ika this ... I'll go mad dong Dainya sister."

"Dai's brother will not know ..."

I re-thought. Sundanese women like this is good Ika laid. Encouraged and enjoyed good plasticity body parts.

I took the key and opened the bedroom door kos Dina. On the coffee table in the living room there is a memo from Zoe. As he opened the window of the front room and bedroom, I read the contents of this memo. 'Mas Bobby, I ngerjain with group work and Wiwin Niken. His job a lot, so I did not come home tonight. I slept in the house Wiwin. No orange in the fridge, take it. Dear Soen, Dina '

I took my book which I left daily in the boarding room. While the radio in a low voice, I started reading the book. Let me study there until ten at night.

Was busy studying, about eight-thirty that night diketok door and outside. Tap-tap-tap ...

Kusingkapkan curtain living room window had closed at eight o'clock last night, according to the custom of my boyfriend. Ika seems to stand in front of the door.

"Mbak Dina Di ... ya ...," Ika's voice calling out and out. I opened the door.

"Mbak Dina's home?" Ika said.

"Not yet. Today, Dina did not come home. Sleeping on a friend's house for many tasks. What is it? "

"Want to borrow a calculator, mas Bob. Minute. Start making my homework. "

"Um ... so-so. Use my calculator only, rapid return home. "

"Beres deh mas Bob. Ika promised, "Ika said flirtatiously. Her lips smiled sweetly, and his eyes teasing adorable.

I gave my calculator in Ika. When he turned, I looked intently fantastic body. Wide hips and plump menggial from side to side, as if challenging me to squeeze squeezed ¬. Damn! Kontholku be standing. The 'My boy is very responsive if there is a nice cute girl was encouraged.

After the Ika, a moment I could not concentrate. But then that does not get out of mind-not that. I go back to reading the textbook to support undergraduate writing task was.

Tap-tap-tap! Only about fifteen minutes diketok back door.

"Mas Mas Bob ... Bob ...," came Ika called softly.

The door opened. Kontholku suddenly hardened again. There stood with a smile genitnya Ika. His clothes are not the boss 'you can see' that used previously. He used clothes only half as high as his chest with ties to the shoulder strap. Yellow shirt is made from young and shiny. His chest was swollen with gagahnya, which stand out with sharp edges and batik shirt. Apparently he was not wearing a bra. Also, fragrance and body is now emitted. Earlier, such a fragrant perfume does not smell at all, which means that come this time the Ika took time to wear perfume. This time his lips were pink lipstick dipolesi.

"This calculator, Mas Bob," said Ika spoiled, keterpanaanku break.

"It is finished. Neng Ika? "I asked pointedly.

"It Mas Bob, but it may have been taught Mathematics Ika?"

"0, may be if the event could be."

Without kupersilakan Ika barge in and opened the math book on the coffee table low. The living room was my girlfriend boarding room without chairs. Only dubbed the thick carpet and a coffee table with one side attached bookshelf. I was sitting in front of him, while the closed entrance itself slowly. It's my boyfriend kos door if you want to intentionally open to a small piece of wood propped up.

"This mas Bob, Ika no question about compound interest who do not know the solution." Ika looking for pages that the book would ask.

Waiting for the page is found, my eyes looking for the opportunity to see into his chest. Amboi! True, Ika not wearing a bra. In slightly bent position, the two mounds of her breasts look very clear. It's solid, smooth, and beautiful. Kontholku was hardened and slightly throbbing.

See page you are looking for. If the centilnya read about it. Because quite easy. I explain a little and let the formula, then Ika counted. While waiting Ika count, my eyes stole a glance in Ika breasts. Uhhh ... ripe and fresh.

"How quiet? Mamah, Emma, and Nur were asleep? "I asked, swallowing hard. If I did not ask his father because he worked in Cirebon are home every weekend.

"Yes. Mamah was asleep at half past eight last. Erna and then went to bed Nur Ika time playing this calculator, "Ika said with a seductive stare.

Passion starts to rise. Why not be the Ika kusetubuhi. While quiet. The people in the house were asleep. The boarding room was quiet and dead lights. Means that the residents were asleep, too. If I force him serve my desires, his energy will mean in against me. But why he would be against me? lest he come here just want to have intercourse with me. Questions asked Mathematics, it was only as a superior course. Had not he made a change of clothes, from the top you can see the top half of her breast showing? Is not he bothered to come back with not wearing a bra? Did not he come back with a bothered to wear perfume and lipstick? What else does it mean if not handed din?

Ika suddenly got up and sat on my right.

"Mas Bob ... this is not true?" Ika said.

There are errors in the middle of the road when Ika count. Between concentration and holding the middle of raging lust, I took a pencil and explain the mistake. Ika suddenly much closer to me, as if to consider and explain things much closer. As a result ... the swollen flesh on his chest was pressing my right arm. Was warm and soft, yet more pressing when he feels more supple.

Deliberately arm pressed to her breast.

"Yuck ... deh Mas Bob mischievous hands," he said, scowling spoiled. He pretended away.

"Why, what's wrong first Neng Ika. Breasts poking my arm, "I replied.

LKA pouted. He took the book and come back sit in front of me. He looked back to fix the error, but according to my feelings were only pretending to be alone. I felt increasingly challenged. Why am I not dare? Am I impotent? He had dared to come here at night alone. He took wear perfume. She purposely wore tops that showed off breast mound. He deliberately did not wear a bra. That is, he had invited me to enjoy the beauty of her body. I lived so determining, not wasted the opportunity he gave or use. If I wasted I mean band!

I got up. I stood on his knees and approached him from behind. I pretended I was watching him in working problems. And my eyes watching him from behind. Leather back and arms completely smooth, without the slightest scratch. Because of the solid body, olive skin looked smooth shiny though covered by fur smooth hair.

Then I put the kontholku to his back stiffened. If a little surprised when he felt something stuck back.

"Yuck ... Mas Bob do not you go ...," said Ika spoiled.

"It's ... udah-udah ... I just watched the work Neng Ika," I replied.

LKA pouted. But with so grim, sensual lips that just seemed cute. It's delicious when dikulum-kulum and crushed, pulverized. If pretending to work. I'm growing bolder. Kontholku pressed to back the firm. Ika menggelinjang. Do not take it anymore. Ika body kurengkuh and kurebahkan on the carpet. Kulumat-creamed lips, while I squeezed her back skin squeeze. Ika lips resistance, counter-¬ kuluman lips kuluman game interspersed with his tongue. Visible even in matters which are still kiss Ika a senior high school was very good. Even kemahiranku beat.

A few moments later move to kissing her slender neck. The fragrance emitted and skin. While skin suction kusedot-neck with my nose, my hand moved to her breasts. Breasts are not protected bra feels springy in the squeeze of my hand. Sometimes slippery fabrics and batik shirts boss, nipples and pressed-press-twist kupelintir with fingers. Putting it was hardened.

"Mas Mas Bob Bob just open shirt Mas Bob ...," groaned Ika. Without waiting for approval, fingers open ritsleteng belt and pants. I balance, I took off my boss tall clothing and clothes that I release and body. I was stunned to see smoothness upper body without any cover sheet. Dense breasts beautifully bloated. Fluorescent light touches the living room, her breasts looked very smooth and slippery. Her nipples stood erect at the end of breast lumps. Pink nipples brown, while the hilltops surrounding breast dark brown and slightly puffy compared with breast skin surface.

Pants that have been opened by Ika I took off immediately. Followed. shirt and I took off my shirt and my undershirt. Now I'm just covered by my panties, while Ika covered by a tight skirt that showed shape waist and wide hips form with good. If any release spannya skirt, so that the beautiful hips now wrapped only in a minimal pair of thin and pink. In areas under his belly, pants were not able to hide the black color of the pubic hair is wrapped in thick Ika in it. Also, a few strands of pubic hair was out and Ika hole underwear.

LKA looking at my chest the field. Then he looked at the large and kontholku long, protruding from under my underwear. View in his eyes the passion that was bubbling. Slowly I leaned my body into the body which was lying resigned. I hugged her as he chewed on his lips warm again. If any counterbalance. She hugged my neck as she returned to her lips kuluman. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. The breasts were supple and soft feel. Hardened nipples pressing against my chest feels right. Ika I and suck each other's lips, pressed his chest, and squeezed each other's skin on the back with a passion.

Kiss moved to the neck Ika. Smooth neck that radiates a fresh fragrance that perfumes kugumuli the lips and nose. Ika tilted her chin so that I could kiss all the pores of the skin of her neck.

"Ahhh ... Bob ... Ika Mas was wanted and yesterday ... body Gelutilah ... puasin Ika Ika Mas Bob ... yes," she whispered in broken Ika.

I was greeted with enthusiasm. Now my face moving toward her breast. Her breasts were so swollen and dense. but the soft-skinned. The smell of fresh fragrance emitted and pores. Ika apparently been deliberately wear perfume all over her breasts before coming here. I breathed hard valley between two hills that breasts. Then kugesek-rub my face in the second breast of the hill in turn, hold my nose while inhaling the fragrance emitted and the breast skin. Hill kulahap her right breast in my mouth too. Kusedot vigorously so that the breast meat into my mouth to be as big as possible. Ika menggelinjang.

"Mas Bob ... pain ... pain ...," groaned Ika.

Ika Gelinjang and moans were getting aroused passion. I squeezed her left breast of the hill with gemasnya, while her right nipple play with the tip of my tongue. Putting it sometimes kugencet with pressure tip of the tongue with teeth. Then suddenly kusedot back right breast firmly. while pressing my fingers and twisted her left nipple. If more menggelinjang-like fish, eels gelinjang the mouth after meals with wheezing.

"Ouch Booob mas ... Shh ... Shh ... grate Booob mas ... Shh ... funny ... funny ...," only the words were repeated out and his mouth is stimulated.

I'm not satisfied with just wrestle her right breast. Now wrestle my mouth to change the left breast. while the hand wringing her right breast hard. If kusedot left breast firmly. massaging my hand and twist-twist her right nipple. Was when the teeth and the tip of my tongue pressing the left nipple, squeezing my hand as much as possible her right breast with might and main.

"Mas Booob ... you naughty .... Shh ... Shh ... grate Booob mas ... amused ... "Ika not stop spoiled menggelinjang and sighed.

Once satisfied with the breasts, I continued my tongue out at the game Ika a flat stomach and very smooth skin. My mouth was stopped at the navel. I was concentrating on the navel kisses. While my hands slid to the back and squeeze buttocks and bulging wide solid. My hands slipped into the pants that protect the bottom. Slowly, slowly ¬ kupelorotkan panties down. If a raised bottom to provide ease her panties off. And with one jerk his foot, had thrown her panties down.

The next moment, terhamparlah incredible scenery stimulating. Ika pubic hair was thick and very fertile. Pubic hair around the lips memek it is dark brown. Looking back kissing the belly skin around her belly button, my hand stroking the smooth-skinned thighs and smooth. Elusanku any direction in and crawled up. Came my fingers on the left and right outer lip memeknya. My hand was stroking memeknya with two fingers moving and the bottom up. With eyes closed, Ika initiative wringing her own breasts. It seems clear that Ika really enjoy this game.

Slowly Ika kusibak memek lips with his thumb and index finger pointing up to her clit menongol out. Memeknya move my face while my hands holding her breasts again. Ika Kujilati clit slowly lick-lick with a short, halting one hand while playing with nipples.

"Au Mas Bob ... Shhhhh ... well ... there really mas Bob ... there ... nice ... mas ... Shhhh," Ika wheezing while his brake-literate. Fur thick brows and beautiful moving up-down counter-brake movement meleknya eyes. Her forehead was wrinkled sign that he was experiencing more pleasure rising.

I continued the game by doing the tongue-licking licking and anal canal length to the clit.

Because the tip of my nose movements, periodically touch memek Ika. Was true even started wet vaginal walls. Even some vaginal fluids start to flow until it reaches the anus hole. Occasional shaking hips. At the hip shaking dense and very smooth I squeezed tightly while the tip of my nose stuck into the hole memeknya.

"Mas delicious Booob mas ... Bob ...," Ika groaned with severity. I immediately focused lick-licking tongue and stab-stab tip of the nose in the vagina. The longer the vagina is getting wet course. Two fingers and then put it in my memeknya hole. After logging in almost everything, kubengkokkan finger upward pressure was enough to get 'G-spot' it. And succeed!

"Bob OWWW ... mas ...!" Screamed Ika jerking buttocks upward. to the extent that the fingers are immersed in the memek apart. Lined lower abdomen feathers thick black pubic hair that was hit to my face. The smell and vaginal fluids smell penetrating nerve cells penciumanku.

I immediately put back two fingers into the vagina Ika and do the same movement. This time I keep my finger movements with the tongue on clit games Ika. Clitoris that looks increasingly prominent so easy for me to lick and suck. When I gelitiki clitoris with his tongue and sucked gently kuisap, Ika louder whimpering like a person who is experiencing fever. While the hip is very fantastic menggial from side to side with a very stimulating.

"Mas mas Bob ... Bob ... Bob ... mas," only the words that can be said for holding the pleasure Ika increasingly become-so.

The game my fingers and my tongue in malignant memeknya increased. Ika ¬ moaning moaning and writhing squeeze whatever he can achieve. Hair squeezed my head, squeezing my shoulder, and squeezed her own breasts.

"Mas Bob ... Ika not take it anymore ... just mas konthol Masukin Bob ... Ohhh ... now Bob ... mas! Sshhh. . . , "She moaned, holding his passion had mastered the entire body.

But I do not care. Ika Kusengaja to play first. I want to make him orgasm, while I was still alive and healthy. Therefore, tongue and face kujauhkan and memeknya. Then whisk two fingers in the memeknya more kupercepat. Hand finger movements in memeknya up-down, until my fingertips were pounding the wall above it slowly. While my thumb and rubbed her clit pounded. Movement in my fingers wet memeknya until crrk noise-crrrk-crrrk-crrk crrrk and mouth ... While Ika out a little shriek-shriek discontinuous:

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ..."

While I was getting beaten deteriorate my fingers in memeknya, looking at his face. Ika Mata brake-literate, while his brow creased.

Crrrk! Crrrk! Crrek! Crek! Crek! Chop! Chop! The voice that came out and shake my finger at the memeknya loud. I maintain the shuffle. Two minutes was the Ika able to survive, taking out the screams that stimulate appetite. Her breasts look more firm and smooth, while nipples standing with tension.

Ika's body until twitch violently. Ass held high. His eyes stared goggle-¬. And the sensuous lips scream out great, "Mas Booo00oob ...!" Two fingers embedded in the vagina Ika was pinned by a strong wall. Along with my finger turnover in the vagina, and the gap between the hand with lips memeknya terpancarlah spray with strong vaginal fluids. Prut! Prut! Pruttt! Spray liquid until it reaches the wrist.

A few seconds later Ika lying limp on the carpet. His eyes closed tightly. Apparently he had just experienced such a great orgasm. Shuffle my fingers in her vagina even stop them. I let my fingers embedded in her vagina to vagina wall pegs felt weak. After the weak. pull finger and memeknya. Vaginal fluids collected in the palm of my hand was cleaned with tissue paper.

Tensions have also kontholku would decrease. Moreover, Ika naked body lay before me was really fantastic. as if challenging me to prove my manhood in the body smoothly. I started on top again Ika body, so that still kontholku in panties squashed by my lower abdomen and lower abdomen with the good. While my lips suck-back kulum Ika warm lips, her hands wringing her breasts and nipples played with. If re-opened my eyes and keep my lips attacks. His body was re-gelinjang menggelinjang for help being amused and aching in her breasts.

Once satisfied crushed-creamed lips. my face was down Ika a smooth neck and finally reach the fragrant cleavage. My face and then wrestle breasts skinned side soft and fine, while second hand wringing on both breasts. All the softness and fragrance that cleavage kukecupi with my lips. Any fragrance that emanated and the rest of the breast was firmly breathe with my nose, as if there are not willing to miss the slightest fragrance.

Kugesek-rub my face in the hemisphere rotate breast. Then my lips moving up the hill on the left breast. I kiss the swollen breast of the hill with gagahnya it. And put nipples on it into my mouth. Now I suck-suck Ika left nipple. I played the nipple in my mouth with my tongue. Sometimes a straw to the top of the hill kuperbesar breast around the nipple which is brown.

"Ah ... ah ... mas ... Bob ... funny ... funny," Ika beautiful mouth hissing while stretching your body from side to side. hiss like a snake that is hungry for prey.

I sedotanku strengthen. While the hand wringing Ika right breast plump and chewy it. Sometimes kuperkuat and kuperkecil squeeze into the top of hill, and I ended with a small pressure index finger and thumb on her nipples.

"Mas Bob ... hhh ... funny ... funny ... nice ... nice ... grate ... grate ..."

I was getting exasperated. Ika's how beautiful breasts play alternately, between the left and right. Hill breast kusedot sometimes-large size with suction power with a vengeance, sometimes the nipple and kusedot only kucepit with upper teeth and tongue. Other parts of the region sometimes I squeeze the maximum catch with might and main squeeze, sometimes only kupijit-massage and a small twist kupelintir-protruding nipples proudly at the top.

"Ah ... mas mas Bob ... Bob ... hold on ... hzzz ... grate ... grate ..." Ika hissing delicacy. His desire was already a high return. His eyes goggled-eyed at times. Geliatan body to the right-now increasingly sening fnekuensinya.

Ika not until strong mehayani second fun fun. He was a rapid movement to memehorotkan underwear tunun to the thigh. I understand the point, once I took off my underwear eelana. Jan-Ika right finger and gently smooth then catch kontholku already standing with gagahnya. For a moment he showed a sense of surprise.

"Shit ... mas Bob, crazy ... ... Kontholmu huge Konthol pacan-first and also pacanku kak Dai konthol not until registration in Crazy ... crazy ...," he said in awe. While membiankan mouth, face, and hand continued to play and wrestle both breasts, jan-tapering fingers of his right hand gently squeezing ¬ kontholku squeeze rhythmically, as if trying to find warmth and comfort in hiatnya menana manhood. It Remasannya drafts mempenhebat vohtase pleasure in kontholku rod.

"Mas Bob. we play on the bed alone ..., "said Ika with eyes that had binahi lust.

I also carried Ika naked body into the space, and laid her on the tidun boyfriend. My boyfriend's bed is very short, the mattress foundation raised only about 6 inches from the floor. When I carried. If not let go of his hand from my neck. In fact, once she hit the mattress, his face close to menanik face. Needless to say, the pink lips pressed my lips were crushed ferociously. I also will not budge. Kulumat lips with a passion that surged, while my hands held her with strong. Kuhit back I squeezed the soft squeeze smoothly with gemasnya.

Then I pinned Ika body. Kontholku wedged between the smooth groin and lower abdomen itself. Skin warmth flowing into the trunk thighs kontholku tense and hard. My lips sensual lips and then let go of Ika. Kiss my lips went down. Ika I kiss good chin. I kissed her neck that radiated Ika and fresh fragrance of perfume that she wore. I kiss her neck and beautiful kugeluti with my face, while my ass started to move on so kontholku press and rub the thighs Ika-string. Friction in the slippery skin of the thigh that makes stem kontholku-plirit like diplirit. Head-amused kontholku good amused by friction-friction Ika thigh.

Satisfied to cultivate a beautiful neck, my face was down to the Ika plump breasts. With exasperation and fierce I buried my face into her cleavage while my hands grabbed both her breasts and pressed it towards my face. I breathe the fragrance of your heart's breasts puasku. Menyungsep not satisfied with the cleavage, face scrub-string now plays so that the two mountain-press pressed her breasts by my face in turn. It's delicious when it touched my nose and inhaled deeply into the big breast meat and rubbery it. Then my lips grab hilltops Ika left breast. Regional breasts and brown nipples brown pink that was signed in my mouth. Kulahap end of your breasts and nipples with bernafsunya, is like a baby sucking milk after starvation during the day. In the mouth, the nipple is kukulum-kulum and play with my tongue.

"Mas Bob ... funny ... funny ...," Ika said tickled.

I do not care. I continued to suck, breast hilltop kulum Ika. Her nipples felt on my tongue becomes hard. Then I went back ate the hill breast as possible. What goes in my mouth kusedot amain. While I squeezed her right breast with a vengeance

with my hand. This is done alternately between the left breast and right breast Ika. While the more pressing kontholku and swipe-beriramanya friction with the skin of her thighs. If more menggelinjang-gelinjang with great.

"Mas mas Bob ... Bob ... pain ... pain ... ... hihhh very naughty hands and your mouth ... Ow! Shh ... pain ... pain ..., "groaned Ika. Moaning that fanned the flames even more my soul. Lust of the fire burning. The more violent I suck and squeeze her breasts montoknya. While pulsed kontholku easement feel warm and slippery thighs Ika.

Finally I can not wait anymore. I took off my plump breasts gelutan Ika from the mouth and hands. My lips are now moving his chin and kissed her neck, while the guiding hand kontholku for memeknya hole. Play first, I turned my head in a flash of pubic hair kontholku around the lips memek Ika.

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